A few phrases about the site and what we are writing about. Why this blog have that name?

About Blog

This site is about our hobbies and life in the places where we lived. Our passions are Travel, Music, Cooking, Art and much more. We write about many places we have visited. You will find our unique recipes here if you love cooking. We share our creativity: photography, music and more. And we write about our dreams, of course!

What does the name of our blog mean? It’s simple! Shveda – is our family name (last name).

About Us

English is not our native language. But we try to learn it every day! Like Polish and French. Russian is our native language. So, please, help and correct us in comments. It would be great and would help us learn languages!

Our Surname is unusual for Russia and Russians. The last name is more Polish, a few Ukrainian than Russian. Yes, we have some polish roots but live in Russia.

How we are? Happy married couple. At this time, we live in Kaliningrad (Russia). We spent a lot of time in Siberia near Lake Baikal.

We are dreamers!

Here We Are! Evgenia and Vladimir Shveda
Here We Are! Evgenia and Vladimir Shveda

Evgenia – the best woman in the world (for her husband), the photographer, the graphic designer, the cook, the art person, the musical one and yoga teacher.

Vladimir – the best man in the world (for his wife), the marketer, the SEO specialist, the cook a little (some experimental kitchen, may be) and the musical one too.

We both have an endless wanderlust; we are full of ideas and loves to explore the World.

Thank you so much for visit our blog! If you will decide to subscribe us, we will glad to see you our follower!

Lots of love,

Evgenia and Vladimir Shveda

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Do you have a question or want more information on a subject? Send us a message on social media or by emailing to info @ shveda.live

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