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Kaliningrad is the administrative center of the Kaliningrad oblast (region). This city has been called “Kaliningrad” since 1946. This is the former German Königsberg, Polish Krolevets (1255-1946).

The region is an exclave of the Russian Federation. The Kaliningrad region is unique. It has no land border with the rest of Russia. The Baltic Sea is in the north and west, Poland in the south and Lithuania in the east.

In the past it was the capital of the Dukes of Prussia and later the capital of East Prussia. The city was transferred to the Soviet Union in 1945 in accordance with the Potsdam Agreement.

Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad oblast are unlike other Russian cities and regions. And this is a fact! Therefore, be sure to go on excursions around Kaliningrad.

Basic Information About Kaliningrad And Oblast (Region)

The size of the Kaliningrad oblast: from east to west – 205 km, from north to south – 108 km. The area is 15.1 thousand square kilometers.

The region was formed on April 7, 1946 by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR “On the formation of the Königsberg region within the RSFSR.”

Until July 4, 1946, the city was called Kenigsberg and was renamed Kaliningrad, and the region – Kaliningrad oblast.

Kaliningrad lies on the Pregolya River, which flows into the Kaliningrad Bay. There is no sea inside Kaliningrad. The Baltic Sea is located 30 kilometers from Kaliningrad.

In Russia, the Kaliningrad region is called the Amber Land due to the location here of almost 90% of the world’s amber reserves. Therefore, amber is used as a symbol of the Kaliningrad region. Many companies and organizations in this region have the word “amber” in their names.

In the Kaliningrad region there are deposits of mineral resources: oil, peat, coal, various salts, clay, sand and gravel, mineral water.

There are many rivers and streams in this area. Forests in the Kaliningrad region are mixed. In the south of the Nesterovsky region, near the border with Poland, the Red Forest is located. This forest is part of the Rominten Forest.

Population (for 2020):

  • Kaliningrad Region – 1,019,601 people;
  • Kaliningrad – 489 359 people.

Today, over 1,000,000 people visit the region every year. Starting from July 1, 2019, tourists from many foreign countries can visit the Kaliningrad Region, Russia, with a free e-visa. This visa does not allow traveling to another territory of Russia. Visitors can only be in Kaliningrad and the region as tourists.

Tip: COVID-19 has made temporary changes to the ability to obtain this visa for the period of special measures.

Distances To Major Cities From Kaliningrad:

  • to Moscow – 1289 km;
  • to St. Petersburg – 963 km;
  • to Pskov (the nearest center of another region of Russia) – 800 km;
  • to Vilnius – 350 km;
  • to Riga – 390 km;
  • to Warsaw – 400 km;
  • to Berlin – 600 km;
  • to Stockholm – 650 km;
  • to Copenhagen – 680 km;
  • to Oslo 850 km.

The Climate Of Kaliningrad And Kalinigrad Oblast

The climate of Kaliningrad is transitional from maritime to continental. The seasons are well defined. The spring and autumn seasons are long, winters are mild (severe frosts are rare, snow melts quickly), and summers are moderate (although the weather is sometimes hot). But the weather can change several times a day.

The coldest months are January and February, but even in winter it is quite comfortable here. The tourist flow is less than in summer. In the Kaliningrad region, there are practically no severe frosts and large snowdrifts. The average temperature in winter is only –3 … –5 degrees C (23-27 F), although the absolute minimum reached –35 ° C (-31 F).

Summer is ideal for those who cannot stand the heat and stuffy air. The average temperature is + 22 ° C (72 F), but sometimes it is + 30 ° C (86 F). The Baltic Sea warms up to +22, + 24 ° C (71-75 F) in summer.

In general, the weather is comfortable. Heat and frost are rare here. The snow doesn’t stay too long. Almost every cloudy day is followed by a sunny day. Therefore, you can come to Kaliningrad and other cities of the Kaliningrad region at any time.

How To Get, Drive Or Fly To Kaliningrad: All Types Of Transport

There is an international airport Khrabrovo in the Kaliningrad oblast (region). It is located near Kaliningrad. You can arrive by direct flights or via Moscow (or St. Petersburg). You can also come by road across the border with Poland or Lithuania. In all these cases, you will have to go through border and customs control. But the plane is the fastest mode of transport.

Many tourists from other countries may need a visa to visit Russia or Kaliningrad separately (there is a special e-visa).

Where To Live In Kalininrgad. Hotels And Apartments

We try to give some selection of hotels by districts and attractions. You can use Booking or Agoda services.


Kaliningrad Attractions And Landmarks Worth Visiting, Top Sights

  • Amber Museum
  • Museum of the World Ocean
  • Kaliningrad Cathedral
  • History and Art Museum
  • Kant Island
  • Kant’s Tomb
  • Kant Statue
  • Königsberg’s Gates
  • Kaliningrad Art Gallery
  • Kaliningrad Art Museum (Former Stock Exchange)
  • Kaliningrad Zoo
  • Bunker Museum
  • Amalienau
  • Woody Allen Monument
  • Fish Village
  • Dohna Tower
  • Wrangel Tower
  • Königsberg Castle
  • Ploshchad Pobedy (Victory Place)
  • Cathedral of Christ the Saviour
  • Baron Munchausen Monument
  • Vladimir Vysotsky Monument
  • Honey Bridge
  • Jubilee Footbridge
  • Maraunenhof
  • Dom Sovietov
  • Königsberg Castle
  • Lighthouse Viewing Tower
  • New Synagogue
  • Central Park
  • Cosmonaut Monument

The Others Best Places Of Kaliningrad Oblast For Visiting:

  • Zelenogradsk
  • Svetlogorsk
  • Pionersky
  • Yantarny
  • Baltiysk
  • Curonian Spit

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