Why We Choose Bordeaux

Why We Choose Bordeaux For First Travel Trip To France And How We Planned Our Trip From Russia?

Our first trip to France we decided to start from visiting Bordeaux. We planned to fly to Bordeaux, visit the Atlantic coast, then go to Toulouse and the Mediterranean coast. It was a winter time: first December days. After Russian winter this season in France seemed to us like autumn or early spring!

Our Reasons To Travel To Bordeaux

After our relocation to Kaliningrad we wanted the warm winter. It was the first reason.

And you must to know we lived a lot of time in East Siberia, near Baikal. So, Siberian winters is a crystal frozen hell! Cold and frosty winter in Siberia usually occurs in late October – early November. And immediately the air temperature drops very much below 0: -20 – 30 degrees Celsius. Sometimes there is a thaw down to -5 – 15 C. At least one month of frost with temperatures below -30 -35 C is guaranteed every year. This hell ends only at the end of March or mid-April.

If you are interested, I will write about the weather and our life in Siberia. My wife and I have lived there for many years.

The second reason was that we just wanted to go to France! And I think that’s enough for the trip!

Why We Choose Bordeaux For First Travel Trip To France And How We Planned Our Trip From Russia?
Bordeaux Tram on The Street

What Is About Visas?

Due to the fact that we are not EU citizens, but have Russian citizenship, we needed visas to visit France. To obtain visas, we had to submit an application, get travel insurance and pay the cost of processing visa applications at the French Embassy. The French Embassy is in Moscow. There is a visa center only in Kaliningrad. So, we prepared all we had to submit. I have also attached a letter with an example description of our trip in French.

I don’t speak English very well. And my French is even worse. I tried, really tried! But in France, when I spoke French, almost all French people started to speak English. This example demonstrates my knowledge of French at the time. BAZINGA!

How Did We Book Accommodation?

We used Booking and AirBnB. And I can recommend those services.

A one very important point! Please, always before clicking the “book” button, read the reviews about the hotel or apartment. A few reviews are enough. I was in a hurry once and we slept in a very noisy hotel with earplugs in our ears for several nights. It was hell!

If you are not an AirBnB customer, then when registering and booking through my link, you can get a discount of up to about $ 50. There are simple service conditions (mainly the amount of the reservation).

Yes, sometimes I give affiliate links on my blog. I hope you understand why I am doing this and treat this with understanding.

Why We Choose Bordeaux For First Travel Trip To France And How We Planned Our Trip From Russia?
Near The Bource Place

How Did We Get To Bordeaux From Kaliningrad?

Despite the fact that Kaliningrad is located in Eastern Europe, Moscow’s policy does not provide an opportunity for the Kaliningrad region (oblast) to develop free and favorable economic relations with European countries.

For this reason, there were no cheap direct flights from Kaliningrad to European cities. Sometimes it is cheaper to fly through Moscow. BAZINGA again!

But next to Kaliningrad there is the Polish Gdansk. And this is a very wonderful airport for flights in Europe (at least). Therefore, we went to Gdansk by bus through the Russian-Polish border and customs and spent a couple of days there.

For the flight, I chose the best airline in my opinion. The perfect combination of price and quality of services. For the minimum fare, we got a lot of wonderful emotions during the flight. I didn’t pay for the choice of seats, but my wife and I always flew alongside. Lufthansa airline employees always put us in adjacent seats. And on the flight you can always drink good red wine at no extra charge.

Why We Choose Bordeaux For First Travel Trip To France And How We Planned Our Trip From Russia?
In The Airplane

So I recommend buying your flight tickets from Luftanza. And only with them!

We have been to Bordeaux a couple of times, but did not have time to visit all these attractions. Therefore, we plan to come again. Now, when the situation with Covid-19 gets better.

So, I plan to write more about our adventures in Bordeaux. Let me tell you, to keep you interested, we were twice caught in the heart of the yellow vest strike!

Read more in our articles! And read our Bordeaux travel guide.

Author: Vladimir Shveda
Photo: Evgenia Shveda, Vladimir Shveda

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